A Tool Called Gratitude

Have you ever wished for a shortcut to get to your desires? Some magic key that you could turn to open those doors that you believe are for you? One such key does exist, and you have it in your possession at all times. It's called gratitude. You may think you already know about gratitude if you are already thankful for the good things in your life.

But what about the bad things?

This is where gratitude reveals it's hidden power. Suppose you are on your way to an important job interview and things go wrong. You are stuck in heavy traffic or your car breaks down or gets a flat tire. You wind up late for the interview and are told they have already hired someone else. Our normal human response would have been to be frustrated on the way there, and perhaps even angry. Once we learned about losing the job, we'd be in a worse state after having wasted our time and had our dreams dashed. But what if, instead, we felt that we were being delayed for a reason unknown, and trusted the higher powers enough to be thankful for being stuck in traffic? It sounds wrong, and might even feel wrong, but why did the traffic get heavy that day, or why did our car break down? Those events were outside of our control. Some might believe their bad luck brought it on, or that the devil stole a blessing from their life, or that it's the 'story of their life' to lose out. By thinking and feeling that they are defeated, they become defeated. Now, let's get back to that strange person being thankful.

They get a flat tire, know they'll miss the interview, yet they are still thankful for whatever is happening. They are human, so they still may feel frustrated and somewhat upset, but the more they focus on gratitude, the better they begin to feel. They miss out on getting the job, but a better opportunity arises and they wind up with a better job with nicer working conditions. No, they weren't specifically grateful for a flat tire, but for the delay in general. It's a bigger picture than just the immediate situation. You're not being grateful for the flat tire as much as for the closed door. The Universe knew a better door was opening and you'd be the one going in. By closing this one, you'd be in the right place at the right time for the better one. But by being angry or ungrateful, you'd have given off the wrong vibes to the people who were needed to get you to that open door.

Sometimes, we can see what happened and realize why something seemingly bad happened to us, but other times we'll never know. The key is to always be grateful in every situation, believing that a greater good is waiting for us, just around the corner. The Universe is in all things living, including all people. So when you are grateful, you give off a positive vibe about whatever it is you desire, and people sense this and respond to it, even if they don't realize that they are. When you are grateful, your energy will spread. Someone will hear of 'that guy with the great accounting skills, available right now' and put the word out to his boss or friend who needs an accountant. What seems like magic begins to happen as the right doors for your life begin to swing open with little effort. So when that electric bill comes in, be grateful that we live in a part of the planet that has electricity. Be thankful for the service it provides and for the funds to pay the bill with. Do this with everything in your life, and watch things change for the better. Gratitude is the magic key that will open whatever you may desire or require.