A Tool Called Fear

Have you ever wondered why some people have a fear of being alone? Perhaps it's a fear of never having enough, or never mattering enough, or becoming sick and dying young. The puzzling thing is that we humans do not all have the same fears, even though we mostly have the same opportunities. Often, this fear is there because we don't wish to lose out on something we feel is important to us. And usually, that is a dream. The dream would be of living long, living well, being loved, or it could be other things, but the fear of not having it is like a lens that can make us realize that it is a thing we desire and that we must create for ourselves.

Now, some fears are egoic, such as a fear of spiders or heights learned from a family member while growing up. They have no benefit and we should learn to overcome them. The fears I am talking about are of missing out on some of life's biggest blessings.

Suppose two people are talking. One says they never think about dying or sickness, while the other says they are always worried that their life could be cut short by early death or critical disease. Across the room, another conversation is taking place where one person wonders if they will ever meet the right partner, while the other says they never worry about it, as people just keep coming into their life and they imagine that will continue.

So why do some of us harbour specific fears, while others dont? Once again, it is because these are clues about our dreams and desires. The fears are there when we aren't attracting those dreams, in fact, we may not even specifically know what they are yet. Fear is just a tool - something like a compass - and it can be used to point us in the right direction.

So for the person waking up every day hoping they never get cancer, replace that thought with one of health. Wake up feeling grateful for your good health, and just expect it to continue each morning. Do your part in living a healthy life, but know that the attitude towards it is what will keep you healthy. The person down the street who feels they are never good enough for anybody can start by being good enough for themself. Be thankful for those qualities, whether it be kindness, a willingness to listen, or whatever else. Learn to love yourself. And, as though by magic, other people will start to be attracted to you. Why? When you love yourself, and enjoy spending time on yourself, you give off a vibe that you're worth spending time with and worth loving. Others will sense this, whether they be friends, workers, or potential partners.

There are recorded cases of people born into poor families who become wealthy. It almost always starts with a vow to change their life, and to become wealthy. They work at what they know how to do. They believe in themselves, Soon others do too, and word spreads until someone sees their talent for the potential it has, and hires them or gives them a golden opportunity, or perhaps a series of smaller opportunities appear. The key is that they never stop believing.

So, no matter what you dream of, or what you fear, focus on the dream and feel grateful that it will manifest itself. Never stop believing in it, whether it be your career, your love life, your finances, your health or anything else. Keep doing what you can, while waiting for the doors to open. You create your own life, and your fears are clues as to what you want. So change the fear of not having something to the desire of having it. It makes a huge difference in the big scheme of things and will open doors.

So why do different people have different fears? Because before we came here in human form, we chose challenges to overcome. Dreams to manifest. Desires to fulfill. Using fear as a tool to reveal those dreams, and then using gratitude to manifest them is at the core of each of our lives. This is how we live our life to the fullest - by manifesting the things we came here to have or overcome or attain to. Every last one of us is capable of living that full life. You can get closer if you use your fears to reveal your dreams, then aspire to see them come to life.