The Universe

We sometimes talk about 'The Universe' but not in the sense of planets, galaxies, etc. Basically the Universe in this column and others, refers to God, but the word 'God' usually brings up a lot of pre-defined thoughts as taught by religions, or in school, or at the family table. It is limiting, because it usually depicts a single, male-oriented ruling deity who we should worship and make sacrifices to. So in an effort not to evoke those preconceptions of the term 'God', we simply use the word 'Universe'. But it is not just a different word - there are other differences I'd like to talk about.

For starters, all life is a part of the Universe. Your cat, a plant on the table, every raindrop, the obnoxious neighbor you've come to dislike - these are all made of 'god-stuff'. Even rocks and dirt, the soil in your garden, all of this makes up 'The Universe'. Some of you may also have heard of the 'Law of Attraction', which we discuss here, though without referring to it by that name. I used to think rocks have no spiritual energy, but consider where they came from. They were usually made from extreme pressure and often heat, compacting ancient decayed forests into various things such as coal, limestone, etc. - all of which originated from plant life at some point in time. And what is plant life made of? A tree is not made of the soil it grows in, it is an extra mass added to the weight of the planet and created entirely by the sun. This is why all plants can be burned to 'let the sun's energy' back out again. So a greater source of life has shared itself with all things on our earth, and especially with all people.

Now think of a forest. Each tree branch touches the branches of the trees around it. The roots connect and intertwine as well. Science has recently discovered that they form a network of energy - rather than simply being isolated forms of life. We can take that concept farther in defining the Universe and how we interact with it.

In one case, it may only be necessary to ask or desire something with the belief that it will come to us, and within a short time, it will happen. I have had success simply by throwing my hands in the air and saying 'bring it on', referring to more money and business, and sometimes the phone rings within the hour with a serious inquiry from someone wishinig to spend their money with me. In this case, my gratitude and expectant intention is transmitted outwards and somehow reaches those who were perhaps considering a service that I provide. They may say they had a feeling they should call, and often we send these feelings out to one another. Ever think of an old acquaintance and suddenly they phone you? It's because of this universal energy we are each made up of.

In other cases, our intention is shared with others and a stranger hears about it. The stranger 'just happened' to be looking for what we have to offer and a connection is made. Yes, this can happen randomly in life, but when the positive emotion and gratitude is combined with the thing we are wanting, it reaches other people more easily and causes them to respond.

Sometimes we have no idea what the universe is doing. Perhaps we plan to meet someone at a park, but the day turns rainy and we don't go. Maybe this kept us from a car accident, or the person we may have met could have inspired us to make a wrong choice with something important. What seems like a bad situation is actually a good one, as it saved us from something worse.

But generally speaking, when we think a thought, it affects the molecules around us, and if that thought is coupled with positive gratitude and joy, those molecules will align in order to make our thought real. They may be raindrops, or people, but they will always respond to our vibrations. So keep the good vibes flowing and never give up on your dreams.