There are times in life where we must wait for an answer. Did we get accepted into that university? Did our loan get approved? Did we get the job? Sometimes it feels as though we must wait forever for an answer, and it can lead some people to worrying over what could go wrong, rather than staying in a peaceful state of mind.

We know that what we think generally becomes our reality. Stressing over what could go wrong, and feeling the sadness or grief over that result, could actually cause things to go that way. But on the flip side, being thankful for the wait, using it as an opportunity to learn more patience, and steadfastly sticking to the belief that our intended goals will manifest - these will result in a calm sense that everything will be allright - and it generally does turn out that way. So hang on to your dreams and believe that they are about to come true, because they are.

So what happens in some situations when we do everything right, yet our dream didn't manifest and the door is closed? We can then learn from the situation and see what really happened. It is usually one of a few things that we may not have considered.

One is that the exact thing we thought was best for us, actually wouldn't have been. The Universe may have a better option just around the corner. A better home, better job, different timing that will benefit us in the long run. Whatever it may be, our timing or details may have been off. This is because our authentic self, or spirit, had a strong desire which the Universe is bringing to fruition, but perhaps a bit of our ego got involved and was impatient, or willing to compromise, or had some other adverse effect on how things turned out.

Another possiblility is that we were knocking on the wrong door. Once again, our ego might have gotten in the way of us seeing clearly, and perhaps a desire for an outcome based on our past caused us to think we ought to go in a certain direction. Meanwhile, our authentic self wants a slightly different and better option, so the wrong door gets slammed shut, sometimes suddenly. Our desire to visit a certain country or attend a certain school is stopped dead in its tracks, but that usually means we could visit a nicer country or attend a better school. But how do we get from having a door slammed in our face to having hope again?

The answer, just as it was at the start, is to feel grateful for what we desire and intend to have. If we can believe, and not worry or stress about it, we are on the right track. As we contemplate how lovely it will be once this takes place, that positive and thankful emotion will be transmitted from us like a radio signal, and the Universe will respond.

If we have to wait for an answer, we can wait with patience and gratitude, not stressing or dwelling on the timing, but simply feeling the joy of what we will have, as though we have it now. Think of an Amazon order, you've paid for it, and Amazon says you'll have it soon. We don't stress over 'what if they don't send it?' but we have faith it will arrive. All the more, we can have faith that the Universe will deliver, as long as we are grateful and joyous - even before it materializes. If you found the desire in your soul, the Universe intends to bring it to you. You just need to stay positive, grateful, and patient.