Even More Basics

Last time, I discussed the fact that we are spirit, and therefore capable of creating things and situations from our thoughts and emotions. It almost sounded too easy, and so I thought I'd share a bit of fine-tuning to help make it work better for you.

Thoughts like, "I was afraid that would happen", or "I just knew I'd lose my job" are evidence that our thinking has not been as positive as it could be. In fact, it sounds as if negative thinking had a direct effect on important life events. But what about when we try to think positive but the positive things still don't materialize? It may have to do with the wording of our thoughts. Too often, we focus on what we don't want, rather on what we do want. That sends out a confused message and brings results we don't necessarily want.

For example, thinking 'I don't ever want to get cancer' sends out a mixed message. The 'I don't' is a negative phrase, followed by the word 'cancer' which is a negative word and thought. We subconcsiously attach negative emotion to the word 'cancer' and so the entire thought is centered about something we don't want, complete with the power of emotion attached. The word and feeling attached sends out a 'cancer' message where we might actually attract it to ourselves. A much better thought would be 'I always want good health'. That thought focuses on 'want' and 'health' and carries positive emotions attached to being healthy and therefore happy.

Here is another example: 'I don't want to get in a car accident'. We can change it to 'I'm enjoying safety while driving'. It seems that in the first phrase, we feel the emotion around the word 'accident', while in the second, it centers on 'safety', resulting in a much more positive emotion. And why does it matter what we feel about these phrases?

Our emotions are like transmitted signals. They reach other people, but also seem to transcend logic and reach powers outside of our awareness. By controlling our thoughts, we control our emotions and therefore control many of the things that happen in our lives. Have you ever felt that someone has 'good vibes'? Perhaps another person gives off vibes that make you feel uncomfortable around them. These 'vibes' are the transmitted energies found in the emotional connection to the person's thoughts. Usually, a pattern of good or bad thoughts results in this overall good or bad 'vibe' feeling. Some houses also feel friendly and homey, while others might feel spooky or unsettling, usually because of energies left behind by people who live there, or had lived there.

So try to think BEFORE you think. In other words, don't just think aimlessly, but choose your thoughts carefully, and especially your words. Enjoy daydreaming and imagining how it would feel if only the thought were to come true. Try and change that to an expectation, so that you feel the thought WILL come true, even if you don't yet know how it could happen.

As spirits, we can create things out of nothing. And all it takes to start with, is a single, simple thought.