Back to Basics

I thought it might be a good idea to get back to the how and why of our human existance. We are each spirit. We are living a temporary adventure called 'human life' in a package made of flesh and blood, mind and emotion, but that is not who we are. We are the invisible operator of that package, still the eternal spirit we always were. A popular theory says that as eternal spirits, we may have become a bit bored with perfection and created earth as a place to experience time and space, fears and imperfections, challenges and choices - with little or no knowledge of where we came from.

But, there are some important realities that still hold true, whether we believe we are a mere human or an eternal spirit. One of these is faith, the idea that we can believe in something to the extent that we can nearly see it or taste it. When we order an item from Amazon, we believe it is on its way, even though we can't see where it is. We also believe it is going to look like the picture we saw, and be the correct size or color. Most of the time, our faith in Amazon pays off. But what if we could take a similar approach to bigger things? What if we want that dream job, that lovely house, that reliable car, that loving spouse? Can the same faith we have in Amazon be used to 'order' those things as well? The answer may surprise you.

We can envision success or disaster, wealth or poverty, health or sickness, and either anticipate the good, or worry about the bad. In a very large number of cases, what we envision comes true. How often to people say, 'I just KNEW I'd get stuck in traffic, or fired, or be late, or miss an opportunity. On the other hand, some people envision themselves with a certain good job, or a nice home or car, and before too long, it comes to be the reality of their life. Is there a secret way of 'ordering' from some unknown source of life?

The answer is yes. When we think of something, and especially if we think fondly about it and with some emotion such as happiness, we tend to attract it. Telling others about it opens additional doors that might bring it to us even faster. But remember, fast in the big scheme of things may not seem fast to us when we're impatient. Here's an exampmle: My wife and I pictured a fenced-in yard, yet the home we purchaed three years ago only had a solid fence across one side. But then, our neighbor on the other side decided to build a fence this summer, and before long it was completed, leaving only the foot of the yard open. Then I built a fence across the foot of the yard, and posted some photos of it on Facebook. Suddenly, more than one person suggested that I could build fences for other people and make some good money at it. Had I been a younger man, I would have seen that as an opportunity for self-employment, as I did enjoy building my fence, but it was also very tiring. So, my envisioning of a fenced-in yard resulted in a fenced-in yard, with the added bonus that I could have begun a fence-building business.

So, am I a carpenter? No. Am I just lucky? No. Did I ask my neighbor to build a fence and share the cost? No. I am a spirit, and used the simple power of my own desire to think specific thoughts, see them in my mind, and feel the joy before even starting. As a result, finished fences now surround my yard, built quickly and easily, not by my own struggles but by the fact that my thoughts made it exist. As spirits, whatever we think will become our reality, good or bad. That's why it's much better to think good thoughts, and envision good things.