Energy Vampires

We've all encountered them at some point in time. We may have one as a neighbour, a friend, even a family member. What are they? I like to call them energy vampires. We spend five or ten minutes with them and feel drained. They seek us out in a crowd and home in on us. But what exactly is happening?

An 'energy vampire' is someone who tries to feed their own energy through that of others. They will seek out those who have a strong life-force, and not too much in ego. The very presence of a strong person gives them a deep sense of comfort and security. But how do they drain our energy if we are spiritually grounded?

The first thing an energy vampire will do is to communicate with us on an emotional level. They may talk about how another person or situation makes them feel, hoping we will share those feelings with them by listening and being sympathetic. Generally, they are a drama king or queen, and seek to dump their problems on us. They may act like the world is out to get them, then turn right around and boast about something they've done which to them is better than what we've done.

They will monopolize you in a crowd, or even one-on-one when they get the chance. They'll try to make you feel guilty if you say you need to talk with others or don't have time. There are numerous other signs that someone is an energy vampire, but the biggest sign of all is the fact that they leave you exhausted - emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically.

So how can we protect ourselves from energy vampires? There are a few basic steps we can take. The first is to establish boundaries. This may be as simple as totally blocking them from your life, or at the very least, limiting opportunities to talk. Don't agree to going for a coffee, visiting, or any opportunity for them to latch on and steal your energy and your peace.

Know that you cannot fix an energy vampire. They seek attention and if you make yourself unavailable, they will latch on to someone new. Of course, they'll be desperate and may tell you that you are the only one who understand thems, and it helps them so much to talk with you. They don't know what they'll do without you. But this is only a guilt trip designed to keep you emotionally connected. Keep reminding yourself that you cannot fix them, because you can't. But for the sake of your health, your spiritual well-being, stop energy vampires from mistreating you. This is exactly what they are doing when they seek your time and attention. They can't figure out how to have your peace and power, so they will steal whatever parts of yourself that you allow them to. But you can say no. You are not being selfish or un-caring when you do. Remember, the one person you are responsible for and should be caring about the most, is yourself. One day we will each look back on our lives and know whether or not we did well. Giving yourself away to those who don't appreciate us is only damaging ourselves. Say no. Be strong. Soon the energy vampires will get the message and leave you alone. You are not being unkind. You are worth nurturing and every garden does best without weeds.