This Side

Last time, I wrote about the other side. The place we go to when we leave this physical world. Now I'd like to discuss this side, the life we get to live here and now. First of all, let's take religion out of the equation. We know there is a loving force that most call 'God' while others may use other titles. It doesn't matter if you call it The Universe, or even The Force. (from Star Wars) It also doesn't matter if you believe it is a persona 'out there' or a part of yourself, as a creator who is a piece of divinity. What matters is this. You were born. Now, babies don't magically get the breath of life from their mother. All they get are the cells. The DNA. The stuff of physical life. The rest is a miracle, just as an opening acorn turning into a mighty oak tree is a miracle. Consider that the acorn weighs 4 or 5 grams and in time, the Oak tree will weigh up to 15 tons, and consist of 13 to 20 cubic meters of wood. Did the little acorn make all of this wood? Did 15 cubic meters of soil get converted to the wood that makes up the tree? The answer to both questions is no. The wood was added to the earth's mass without depleting the soil or the air. Another miracle. Humankind has not been able to create life. We can transplant, inseminate, and even clone life, but we can't make it. Life itself must come from the other side. So an unborn baby gets its life from the other side, and often, very young children can remember events from a past life, right down to some very uncanny details. People who have near-death-experiences may have been pronouced dead for an hour, yet can remember things that happened during that hour when their spirit floated above their body, before it was drawn back in when they were resuscitated. Now, some people believe life ends when a physical life ends. The majority of people believe in some form of life after death though. Over time, we have read about some horrendous beliefs, such as sacrificing people to appease the volcano god, or similar horrors. Bottom line which I think most of us can agree on: Life continues after physical death. So, finally getting to 'this side'. What can we do to ensure we are on the right path, the higher path if you will? It's pretty simple really. Follow your quiet inner voice. Be aware that your ego is real and will talk to you. When you get angry, jealous or anything else that seems ego-driven, just say to yourself, 'oh, that's only my ego, not me' and it will silence the negativity. You are spirit. You are driving around in a human body for a time. You, as a spirit, will live on. You are eternal. This side may look like the wrong side of a tapestry, but once you are on the other side, you will see the beautiful work of art your life is. With a little effort, you might see that while on this side. God is spirit, and so are you and everything that lives. Take comfort in that.