You get what you think of

Many of us just don't understand how the mind attracts things into our lives. If we think it, we attract it. So try this little test with me. Think of ANY color you like, but NOT yellow. Ok, chances are you just imagined something yellow in your mind, because you read (therefore thought) the word, 'yellow', even though the sentence instructed you NOT to think of it. The same thing happens with 'I don't want to catch a cold', 'I hate cancer', 'I want to be out of debt', etc. The mind grabs each main word, in this case 'cold, cancer, and debt' and tries to attract them. So a better thought would be 'I want to be healthy and prosperous'. That would be the opposite of catching a cold, getting cancer, or being in debt.

But many people put the emphasis on what they DON'T want, and usually completely unawares. They go on a car trip and think, 'I don't want to get lost or in an accident. I don't want the hotel to be crappy, and I don't want the weather to be lousy'. The energy vibration caused by these thoughts center on the words 'accident, lost, crappy hotel and lousy weather'. The solution is so ridiculously simple, yet many people miss it. You simply think about what you DO want, not what you don't want.

All that person going on the trip needs to do is imagine safe driving, a beautiful hotel and nice weather. Speaking it out loud isn't necessary. The most powerful way to create what you want is to feel it. So imagine the beautiful day at the lovely hotel and feel the joy, the grataitude. Think of the relaxing drive. You're actually reacting to what you want before you get it. This is very powerful.

So now you know the secret, you can apply it to other areas of your life. You're heading to work on a dull Monday morning and it's raining. Try thinking about what a great day you'll have, how the rain will be good for your lawn and garden and farmer's fields, and that the weekend was sunny. Be thankful for the boss you have, and the working conditions. Feel the gratitude. Your Monday will be much better than your typical Mondays.

How about relationships? I had always believed there was a deeper love possible than what I had experienced up until that point in my life. I wrote songs about it, and felt the joy. Then, when the timing was just right, I met the woman of my dreams and we fell in love, got married and bought a house. I was right, because this love is much deeper and far more satisfying than anything I had previously experienced in life.

So the next time you don't want something, just think of the opposite. Enjoy the thought, imagine it to be real. Learn to think of what you DO want, and feel the happiness those thoughts bring. Before you know it, it will manifest itself for real in your life.