Mind over Matter

We've heard the expression a million times, but do we really know how to grasp it? I've even heard people say 'If you don't mind, it don't matter'. What I want to discuss in this article is a deeper use of 'mind over matter' - the idea that our very thoughts can become the fabric of our lives. For many years, I was in and out of relationships. I always felt a deeper kind of love could be 'out there' but hadn't seemed to have found it. Then I stopped looking and worked on enjoying life without a partner, and when I had stopped trying so hard, 'poof' my wife-to-be appeared. And that very deep, nurturing, building, growing kind of love has existed in our relationship for over ten years, and even more in the recent two years that we have been married. This is an example of how a person can 'think' something, such as believing a deeper love must exist, despite not having seen it. Then the thing that you thought materializes before your eyes.

My wife saw the rear deck of our home as an enclosed room which would be closer to the outdoors. It would have large windows and an old screen door, and also act as an extention to our living room. The naked eyes would only have seen a bare deck with a railing, but she saw, in her mind's eye, the complete picture of the room that could exist in that spot. She communicated the idea to me, and I began changing the deck. Last summer it was a screened-in porch, but this year it is a new room, fully insulated and exactly what she had 'seen' in her mind. It had become matter. In fact, the house we bought just over two years ago was also a dream or thought that we had shared, but had no idea how we would go from renters to owners. We both just thought it would happen one day, and so circumstances had no choice but to follow our thoughts and bring money into our lives, so that we could put a down payment on our home.

Some might say I am making it sound too easy, but it really is that easy. If you want something, and it seems to come from somewhere deep, as though the desire for it wasn't frivolous or selfish, you can make it appear. Simply see it in your mind as though you already have it, think of it the way you envision it, and things will be set in motion that will create it or bring it. It usually takes a little action on your part, but not all of the action. You think it with your mind, and it materializes into your life. Mind over matter. It may not be instant, it could even take years, but if you never stop thinking about it, it has to materialize. No, you probably won't become a millionaire by thinking about it, but you can increase wealth, health, relationships, possessions, and much more, simply by thinking, visualizing, feeling grateful, anticipating, and all before the thing you want appears. The home you live in is made of matter. The cells in your body are matter. The things you want are all made of matter. Think of how you want them to exist for you, and you are creating them with your mind. Mind over matter. It really is that simple.