Health and Disease

Some people seem to go through life as healthy as a horse, while others may come down with various sicknesses, or even die young from a terminal illness. Sometimes I am asked about this. My take on it is this - we get sick for different reasons. One theory is that we fail to hear the universe telling us something, perhaps to slow down, or stop an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe we're with the wrong partner or in the wrong job. We ignore all the signs, and stubbornly continue down a path we weren't meant to be on. Then we get sick. It stops us. Hopefully it makes us think about our choices, and it may help us to correct some errors. We are not living in ease because our 'dis' ease stops us. When we make some changes, the disease or sickness (or broken limb) gets better and we continue on in a new direction.

But there is a deeper reason why some of us get sick. We may have chosen to before we came here. Ok, this is a strong statement and a very bold thing to say. It will offend people. But let's back up, and pretend you were a happy spirit, floating along in eternity, somewhat bored. You came to earth as an adventure, momentarily forgetting that you are eternal and all-powerful. But an easy life would be equal to a boring video game or movie, where everything always turns out perfect. Our human nature prefers stories with a twist, a challenge, some fear, some uncertainty. And when we chose our life, we chose some of that. Some adventure, some challenge. Some chose a life where they would smile in the face of severe handicaps, to be an example for others. Some chose to be a part of a young parent's story by passing on as a child, because the parents chose the challenge of going on and growing stronger as a result of the tragedy. Most chose a full life to experience all that we can and to enjoy life to the fullest.

So let's all hope we can stay healthy, especially during these difficult times. But if for some reason, you were to break a leg, or develop an illness, perhaps it was part of the story you wrote for yourself, the destiny you now experience. Or perhaps it is nature's way of slowing you down a little. My advice is to live as healthily as you can, but if you do become sick, don't fight it as though it shouldn't have happened to you. Accept it but work towards getting better. Our main natural instinct is life. We will crawl through a desert if our life depended on it, or escape a concentration camp or other horrible situation because within us each is a very large spark of life. Our physical body is only the package it lives in, and it can be damaged or worn out. Fear not, your spirit is always alive and always will be and your body can heal itself of many things. But none of our bodies will last forever and so live without regrets, and without holding back.