God Lives Inside

What or who is God? Where is God? These questions have been in people's minds since human life began. Many believe God may only be perceived through a specific religion or belief. Others think God is everywhere and always available for our prayers. Some think God is punishing them, while others feel He is rewarding, testing, or otherwise affecting their lives. As for where, some feel God lives within them, while others believe he is somewhere 'up there', or sitting in a man-made church.

First of all, it is my personal belief that God or divinity or the universe (title is not important) is in all living things. Every blade of grass is divine, every person, every beast. All are the expression, and the actually construction of life, of love, and therefore of God. Suppose you believe that the ocean is God. You are at the seashore and watching waves crash against the rocks. As they do, drops of water fly into the air, and fall back into the ocean. When the drop is in the air, is it still a part of the ocean? Of course it is, yet it is temporarily a single drop of water. We are very similar, as we live our lifetime on earth, away from the awareness of our eternity, yet we are still eternal beings.

Next, if we are eternal beings living temporarily as fragile humans, how can we find God? Well, we ARE gods, or a part of what makes up God. If this is true, we should also be able to create things and make things happen. It has been shown that focusing on something does give it power. The person who hates a certain thing and always worries about encountering it will attract it. Similarly, if we focus on what we desire, we will attract that too. Those who are grateful for what they have will have more, while those who are selfish and greedy will be less happy, and will actually wind up with less. Recent studies have proven that the 90% of our DNA known as 'junk DNA' is actually able to change our bodies depending on what we focus our energies on. If we want health, and we tell people we are working towards it, we actually modify our bodies to be healthier. Some people use a vision board to post images of things they want, and they express gratitude towards these things until . . . they actually appear. I'm not saying everyone should be a millionaire with perfect health and happiness, but many who are got there through this method. Our minds are powerful. Why? Is it because of the cells, and chemicals and electricity that makes them work? Perhaps it is because our minds are able to create things. Could our desires be the things we are able to obtain, once we choose to learn how? I had no desire to ever be a doctor, or to play sports, but I did want to play musical instruments and be in love. Today, I own a music studio and am extremely happily married.

We hold the keys to our happiness, our 'fate' which is actually what we 'can' attain, but not necessarily will obtain. Many become bitter, give up, turn to drink or another addiction and lose their joy. Others hang in, continue to believe and be grateful for what they have in the present moment. Which one are you? One honors the divine within, while the other turns away from it. The choice is with each one of us. We create this life we lead, one thought at a time. What do you think about your life? As Jesus once said, 'Know ye not that ye are gods?'