Human Sacrifice

Ritualistic killing of another human as a sacrifice to a god has been practiced for thousands of years. Often, it was thought that the angry gods could be pacified by the offering of a human. Early humans, just becoming civilized, were very active in this practice, as a religious act which would bring good fortune by pleasing the gods. For the re-consecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochititlan in 1487, as many as 80,000 people were killed by the Aztecs during the sacrificial ceremony.

In modern times, humans are still attracted to this concept of pleasing their god through association with a past human sacrifice. The Christian religions are based on this concept, with Jesus having been sacrificed to God in order to win God's favor for anyone who believes in him. It's a kind of 'money in the bank' idea, where our present and future sins were prepaid through a human sacrifice. Although no blood is shed today, the fact that we feel the need to associate with spilled blood to appease a god, is not that far remomved from the primitive practice of murdering ones kinsmen to provide a sacrifice to the gods.

There are also those today, who sacrifice their own time, money, even health, in order to provide some service to a church or to their idea of a demanding god. They can hold their head high, knowing they have given most of what they have, as though god is pleased that they now struggle financially, or in their relationships, or health.

The point of this topic is to say that a Creator who made us, put us here, keeps us alive, and will bring us home again, is not one who would demand that we sacrifice anything to please him. If he made us, he will bring us home. If we follow our inner sense of right and wrong, we will have done well. The best we can do is face challenges and grow from them, becoming a better version of ourself than we might have been in the past. This is really all we need to do. Life is an adventure, not a test. It is to be lived, not put aside to please an invisible god we don't really know. All we need is within. God is within. Eternity is within, because we lived before we were born and will continue after we cease to breath. We are the gods. Even the bible says so. "Know ye not that ye are gods?"