Faith is a very powerful thing. If we believe we are worth having something, and we take a few steps towards it, the unseen forces will work on our behalf to bring it to us. Some may recall a book and movie, both entitled 'The Secret' which talked of the Law of Attraction. This is a very real law that does work, although it's not as simple as flipping on a switch. Here's the mini-version of how it works...

First, we must believe we are worthy of receiving the thing we want. Financial or other circumstances shouldn't cause us to doubt, because the unseen forces work out the method in which our dreams will come true, or 'manifest'. All we need to do is think of ourselves having it, and feeling the joy and gratitude. If we doubt we deserve it, we might block it from coming to us, just as an egoic demand that we deserve it will block it. But if we are steadfast in imagining ourselves with it, and we tell a few people we're getting it, then it is as if we've ordered it online and it is on its way. We need to be careful not to be in 'want' mode, or we might forever be wanting it. The trick is to be in 'have' mode.

We can be poor, but happy with the riches of nature, or of the arts, or of our health. Thus we feel wealthy. We can imagine taking a cruise, or owning a lovely house, and when we feel the joy of having it, we're well on the road towards it coming to us. We only need to focus on what we desire, and to be thankful for it, even before we have it. Our emotions act like radio waves and the feeling that we ought to have that thing is sent out. And in some mysterious manner, one we usually never see coming, the thing we want manifests into our lives. My advice is to start small, picturing green traffic lights and a parking spot where we are going. And continue to be thankful. What if our car breaks down, and the very person we wind up getting help from plays a key role in the manifestation of our dream? We don't know, so we must always be thankful, joyous and in that mode of expectation. You'll be surprised how powerful this is, so why not give it a try?