So far we've learned that we can want something, feel grateful about it, and it will come to us. So what if I want a million dollars and a beautiful partner? First of all, it is necessary to ask ourselves where the desire is coming from. A beautiful partner may be plain on the outside but very beautiful on the inside. Another may be beautiful all around. But are we ready for such a relationship? As for a million dollars, would this be something that would benefit our growth as an authentic person, or would it just feed our ego, with little additional benefit? I'm not saying money is counter-productive to spiritual health, but some may not yet be ready to handle a large amount at one time. As for partners in life, there is a lot involved. If you feel you need someone in your life, it may be your ego, which works out of need. But if you believe someone is out there, and you feel patience and a sense that it will happen one day, you are probably working from your authentic self.

Here is a little story. I had always been in relationships and marriages that didn't seem to last. It seemed my partners were always shallow, or unable to love deeply. I began to believe in a stronger love, that someone out there would also believe in this stronger love. Once I accepted this, I stopped 'wanting' and it changed more to 'anticipating' the day when this would happen. Then it did happen, ten years ago, and she is now my wife. And guess what? There really IS a deeper love than either of us had known before. The relationship is not based on ego, but on who we each are authentically. It is amazing, because it wasn't our egos that brought us together, but our authentic selves, or if you will, God.

Did I also become a millionaire? Not yet, But I feel like one. We have gone from a basement apartment to owning our own century home. Our character is reflected in the character of the home, and as before, we didn't need to look long to find it. The timing was right for us to begin looking and to have this house on the market at a reduced price. It was only the second house we had looked at. Even the down payment came from an unexpected source. Again, it was a dream of ours that came true, and our desire came from our authentic selves, or spirit. As we continue to evolve as humans, our desires evolve with us, and we may need to wait a bit for answers. But answers will surely come, if we are desiring the right thing, and putting our faith into it, feeling grateful that it will come, then it will. It may well be different or better than what we had envisioned, but it will come. But how do we feel gratitude for things we haven't yet received? I'll tell you in the next installment.