A lot of people pray. They come from just about every religion, because all tend to believe in a God who answers prayer, yet the world is filled with Cancer patients, wars, hatred, poverty, and many other things which millions have prayed about. Please review the last article to understand faith, and who you are putting your faith in, and whether it is a blind faith, or a specific one. Suppose you need a new car. (or a newer one than the one you currently own) Sit quietly and imagine yourself in that new car. Imagine driving, the soft hum of the engine, perhaps a great sound system with great music playing. Do it often, and do it with an attitude of gratefulness, not one of need. If you are in a state of want, you may continue wanting and not having. But if you are in a state of enjoying and feeling grateful for whatever it is you desire, you will open unseen doors.

So if you have faith that you will be driving a better car, and you are confident enough to tell people you're looking for a better car, doors will open. This is because God, as far as the all-knowing, all-wise bestower of gifts and kindness, lives in others as well as in ourselves. God even lives in the ungodly. They may not even realize they are helping to answer your needs by their involvement, but when you visualize that which you want, and take a little action by telling a few people, you've turned a huge key. All of a sudden, a stranger might contact you saying, 'I heard you need a good car and I was about to sell mine cheap - just to get rid of it'. What just happened? First, you listened to your authentic self and felt the time was right for a new car. Next, you enjoyed the sensation of having it and even felt grateful for it, way before anything happened. Next, you told a few people about it, or made some inquiries. Finally, the answer came from somewhere usually unexpected. Here it is in spiritual terms: You sensed it was time for a car, you meditated on it and felt the joy of having it. Your emotional joy and communication to others transmitted to the world that you were expecting a car, and lastly, God or the Universe, or whatever name you like, imposed upon the right person to contact you, or they put the right car in the lot down the street where you felt you should look. At any rate, a few people were used in making all the details come together so that your desire could be fulfilled or answered.

I can vouch for this working, as I have personally experienced it in several areas of my life. Some people know it as the 'Law of Attraction' but whatever name you give it, or none at all, it works. We are energy, just living temporarily in a human form. The energy communicates with similar energy and things happen. This is far more powerful than working towards our goals and trying to figure out just how they will come about. Leave the hows out of the equation, and put your faith in your inner voice. That which you want will come to you.