There are many things we can have faith in. There is faith in our fellow man, faith in who we perceive as God, faith in our employer to keep us employed, faith in our government to keep health care, police, or old age pensions going. When many people think of faith, they immediately think of faith in God. But the one that many miss is probably the most important of all, having faith in ourselves. As you know by now, we are made of two elements, the eternal spiritual energy, and the temporal, learned habits. We'll call the one our 'Authentic Self' and the other 'Ego' to make things simpler. Suppose we are asked to do something we don't normally do. Most of us will turn to our ego and maybe do a little pep talk in the mirror, saying things like 'you've GOT this'. But what if we were to be silent, and just feel the energy of being alive. Meditate on the silence, or look at a plant or other small thing. Stop the mental chatter. You may sense a different form of confident assurance, and if so, it's coming from your authentic self. You may also feel an impulse to talk to a mentor, or take some other action. If it's the small voice deep inside, follow it. If it's your mind or learned reactions to things, ignore it, as it's just your ego.

With this faith in our inner authentic self, we can move forward with confidence to do anything we set our mind to. Once, I was writing a small booklet to accomany a music CD. The story seemed to write itself and before I knew it, I had a novel. Then two sequels. Then, someone I had spoken with connected me with a person in the Canadian movie industry and he coached me on re-writing the story as a screenplay. During this time, my ego was filled with doubt. I heard my mind say things like, 'Who do you think you are?', 'You're no writer', 'You're wasting your time', and more similar thoughts. This is the voice of the ego, regurgitating whatever it was taught to believe and think. It was trained as we grew up, in my case, trained not to expect too much. In another person, the ego may be expecting too much, and the authentic self unable to deliver. Bottom line is that the authentic self knows all, and will lead us into the best path we can have.

So rather than having blind faith, have faith in the things you sense from your spirit, your authentic self. Look at what Jim Henson did with a childhood of playing with puppets. His ego may have told him to get a real job, but his authentic self said to keep doing what he loved. As a result, he followed his path faithfully and made very good money at it. So find your path, listen to your spirit, shut out your ego, and put faith in what you hear. Remember that you are made of eternal energy, and that energy already knows all. You can trust it. In our next installment, I'll discuss how this kind of faith is answered.