If we are Gods in human form, why does life seem so hard? Why are we not living like Gods? The answer is that we came here in human form to live out a sort of adventure. As perfect spirits, we needed a limiting experience where our divinity would be hidden from us, and we would be able to make choices and overcome obstacles. As humans, we enjoy scary movies, thrilling rides on roller coasters, and solving mysteries. We also sense there is something spiritual going on which causes us to follow religions or cults or dabble in the occult. Throughout life, we are confronted with disease, poverty, accidents and death. We may also be given wealth, and success. One thing we all share though, is our free will. Since we like adventure, we have the power to make our lives what they are, simply by choosing what to expect, and to believe we are able to make it happen. A disabled person may see themselves skiing, and make it happen. A mentally-challenged person may become a great musician. We are always presented with choices in life. Remember that doing nothing is also a choice. You win the lottery and know of two very poor and deserving families in your town. Which one do you help? Suppose you help neither, that was your choice. Suppose you help both, that too was your choice. Which wolf will you choose to feed?

Some say God came into their life at a certain time, or through a certain religion, etc. For those following the Bible, please don't forget the scripture that says, 'Know ye not that ye are gods?' We have the power to create our own lives, and to influence and change the lives of those we encounter. Yes, that could mean for the worst, depending upon what choices we make. But when we think of what we want, and expect it to come, and to believe it, it will happen. This is because we have the power of creativity within. Some call this the 'Law of Attraction' or they heard of it through the book or movie called 'The Secret'. Some feel they need to make a 'vision board' with photos of the things they want in order to make them manifest in their lives. Others do all that in their mind. There is no right or wrong method. What is important is to see where you'd like to be, tell others, and watch it fall into place.

The 'god' that provides these desires is sometimes referred to as 'The Universe', but it basically amounts to other people. Suppose you envision getting a good parking spot on a busy street. You see the spot as available and sure enough, when you get there it is waiting for you. How did this happen? First, you had the idea of finding that empty spot, then you focused on it and expected it, and sure enough, found it. When you thought of it, the energy of your thought went out and was perceived by other people. Perhaps a person leaving that parking spot saw it in their mind as soon becoming empty and you perceived those energy waves, giving you the idea in the first place. We are all connected. And if we are all connected Gods, then WE are the Universe. As the oceans are made up of trillions of drops of water, so God or the Universe is made up of trillions of forms of life. So when you picture yourself landing that awesome job, or finding an affordable late-model car, the very thoughts may have come from another person or people. At any rate, your thoughts are broadcast as energy to be picked up by others. This is how things fall into place. Suddenly a friend tells you about a job that you wind up with, and it comes with a late model car for you to use. So for 2019, set your universal intentions high. Dream big and expect big results. Tell people what you want. We are all one. We are all the Universe. When your energy flows towards positive things, you will suddenly find yourself living a better life. God no longer seems to be 'out there', but living within, because you see what the Bible had to say about you, 'Know ye not that you are gods?'